She’s a lady…

I have been writing a blog since I moved to New York about three years ago and have loved it. Then, almost a year ago I started writing for a friend’s sports blog. I decided it was time to do something a little new and a little different and marry the two concepts together into one. Part sports, part lifestyle, part pop culture… but all me.

I’m not always the most feminine girl out there. I prefer pants to skirts. My bedroom looks like a teenager’s and I eat like a 20 year old boy. I like sports and Star Wars and dick jokes. I think farts are funny. When a friend gets engaged, I neglect to ask to see the ring. I proudly trim my nose hair in front of my roommates. I’m perfectly content sitting at a bar and watching sports by myself. My favorite word is “fuck.” I typically don’t censor myself when talking about my period or latest sexual encounter. When around friends, I don’t suppress my burps. This actually prompted one of my friends to frequently respond with, “Always a lady.” Hence the inspiration for this blog title (yes, Always a Lady was taken).

So I’m going to write about the things I like, in the style I like. It might be offensive, it might not be hard hitting, but it will be me.

I may not always act like one, but I am a lady. I swear.


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